Time to take stock!

Raid Heroes

Time to take stock!

Hi Raiders,

Before going on with the details, let's take a quick look upon what's Raid Heroes.

Raid Heroes is currently in a test phase. Great, but what does that even mean?

Globally, our main goal right now is toevaluate the attractiveness of the game.This attractiveness of the game can be mesured with a metric called retention and represents the rate of players in game for X days after they arrived (for exemple, let's admit that today we have 500 new players. If tomorrow, 400 of them are still playing, we'll have a D1 retention of 80%. If 3 days later they're 200, the D3 retention will be 40%. It's an important metric that help us choose over all our priorities for developing the game. More infos in the Beyond future section.« ).

As we progress and focus on retention metrics, we will operate changes to monetize the game ((yeah, even if one of our artist here at the studio makes some yummy mochis, we need to earn money to avoid starvation - more seriously, we can't continue to develop this game if it's not financially viable for us) classes and monsters balancing, etc.

We have set our goal to 4 updates until july.As we're working on big stuff the first update, out in 3 weeks,will be not as consequent as the other (more infos in the section devpostbut is going to help us set the bases to what will happen next.

How will we communicate?

Here's how we want to communicate informations about Raid Heroes' development to you.

  • The Devpost

To feed your growing hunger to know more about our daily actions, we decided to set up a devpost every two weeks.
What's that "devpost" thing ? Simply a brief list of the tasks we're doing.
Small disclaimer however, we read your returns on a daily basis. However, if you do not see your returns in the tasklist we communicate, do not rage quit: developing Raid Heroes takes time, and if your suggestions are relevant, to our dismay we can't necessarily take all into account immediately.

  • Beyond future section.

Every month you'll have a small damn good article that will pose the little general state of the project: what we did in the month and our general objectives for the future.
It will be all about giving you a global vision of the project, for you to be aware of what we have in mind for the future.

The devpost

  • Servers Instability: :
    As you told us, we have stability concerns on the servers. We have noted these problems and our online prog put them at the top of his priorities List. However, we are not able to restart servers or work on them immediately.
  • Next update

The first of the four scheduled updates by the end of July should arrive in the first half of May. As noted above, it will not be the most consistent updates because we are working on substantive tasks laying the foundations of what will happen later.

Still, we want to share with you what's planned for this next update:

  • Change on the key system
    • Currently, a key is taken when you launch a Boss Raid. This is not always ideal, among other things with the server instability that you undergo, the new behavior will use the key only if you win the raid you launched.
  • In-game announcement system
    • If some of you have joined us on Discord, this is not the case for all players. We have set up a notification system allowing us to broadcast a message when you're playing (to announce a maintenance for example).
  • Facilitate the raids launch with friends
    • Above all, we want to make Raid Heroes a social experience. We won't lie, nothing in the game currently supports this goal. If there's one thing we've noticed about the launch of Raid Heroes, it is that some players are mobilized to just play together, to play with other players in the community.

We then decided to set up a friends system in game that will facilitate the groups creations and launching raids with other players. Finished the "3,2,1 let's go". :-)

  • "Arenas" modifications
    • Arena is where you fight enemies during raids. When you're on a raid, depending on the number of phase fights in this raid, you will visit several arenas. If we were not completely satisfied with the visual at the moment, we were even less satisfied with the production time of an arena, not to mention the resources used unnecessarily for arenas that you are not going to visit. So we decided to change everything to a unique arena system (you only load one arena) with a different preparation phase than the one you know (characters running to the next arena). In addition to changing the appearance of the arena "Voodo Forest" you know (they are way cooler that what we've planned), the game will be optimized with these changes.


We picked the frequently asked questions of our Discord to give you some answers:

  • When will level 11 access be unlocked?
    You'll need to wait until the new environment is finished and implemented.
  • When will Raid Heroes will have new classes?
    For now, it's not part of our top priorities, we prefer to provide you with a new environment so you can continue your progress in the game, the new jobs will come after.

  • When will we be able to create guilds?
    Our programmers are on the spot, and are setting up a friends system where you will be able to add each other to a friend list.
    In a second time a group matchmaking system where you will be playing with your friends is coming soon 😉

Beyond future section.

After the excitement following the release of the legendary boss, the team is setting sail for new horizons for the future.
Thanks to you and our brainstorms, we put our finger on what we want to improve, and the new things we want to bring to the project.

We have therefore committed to major projects that will take over some key parts of Raid Heroes (which also explains the relatively low frequency of new updates).

You will see below the main axes on which we will focus but please note that nothing you read below is final and our plans may have to change one day or another:

  • Improve the experience of new players

An important project we want to start: the FTUE (First Time User Experience).
Some alpha testers have often accused us of an arrival too sudden in the game, without necessarily understanding the mechanics the first time. This is perfectly normal, given the fact that we do not have a FTUE at the moment in the game. In an effort to offer an ever richer user experience to our players (and for us, to be able to measure our datas with more details), we will remedy this lack hopefully quickly.

  • Improve the raid experience

On all the returns we were able to collect on Raid Heroes, one of the main is the following: the promise to make a raid like the ones on the largest MMORPG PC (without mentioning any name :)) on mobile isn't an achieved goal yet, our raids are not enough fun and the strategic/tactical experience almost non-existent. So we are at the moment mainly focused on this issue in order to give players the experience they want to find.
To do this, we're focusing on:

  • add the ability to move during raids
  • redesigning player spells
  • redesigning enemy capabilities to provide a strategy / tactical aspect to raids
  • strengthen the cooperative aspect in raids
  • think about a QTE system that could be used on the points cited above
  • redesign of the UI / UX raid
  • balance everything so that it fits our vision of progress when you play

Improving the experience (strategy, tactics, co-op) during raids also seems to be a crucial step in Raid Heroes' development.
To do this, our Game Designers have a lot of work to do: rework spells, design a 5 boss raid, swing new monsters ...

  • Have more content

We also want to create and implement always more content.The future of Raid Heroes is now gradually moving towards new biomes and therefore new arenas, to provide the player with more opportunities for progression. Who says new biomes, new arenas say new enemies. Our artists are already advancing their brainstorms on these specific points, not to mention the new pieces of equipment.
The UX will also know some improvements and finishes, always to feed our desire to provide the player a quality work where he will have fun playing.

this is what our artists have been working on lately: the creation of a new biome: 2D concepts as well as work in progress in 3D.

In the past, this biome was an endless sea filled with fish and pirates fighting on board their splendid caravels. Unfortunately, weather and climate changes have left a desert, forcing the living beings to gradually adapt to their new arid environment.
So here's what our 2D artists have sketched as the concept of enemies for this future desert sea biome, and what our 3D artists have begun to achieve at the level of the environment.

  • Make our first tests of the game monetization

Just like any free-to-play game, a monetization system will be integrated into the game.. For the moment, we are only on intentions, and the trend that seems to stand out in our minds is as follows: the content of the game must be and will be free to play. Our goal is not to fall into an unjust or exaggerated pay-to-win system.We just want to test a monetization system, to familiarize ourselves with the thing internally, to test and adapt everything according to the returns that we will have thanks to you and the data.

As you can see, Raid Heroes is an ambitious project.As a team we still have a lot to learn and to give to reach the next level, grow and fill all your hopes.

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