Devpost #1 - What's up?

Raid Heroes

Devpost #1 - What's up?

Next update?

This question that teases you so much finally has its answer.

In our previous point we talked about an update mid-May, however, some server bugs and other priorities have hindered the smooth of the operation for us.

So we had to review our schedules and we will probably release it by the end of May.

Aware that you're impatient to have new content to prolong the experience, we are unfortunately often faced with instabilities builds, that we need to test to submit to the stores so you can have a version of the game with the least possible bugs.  

All of this takes time and we do not have the necessary resources to create as much content as you would like right now.

Do not forget, that we are in open alpha,that we are a small team developing a mobile game that remains very ambitious.. 🙂

What are we doing right now ?

But, what are the news?

  • We improve the social aspect

Our devs are still on the friends system,which takes a lot of time to set up. As we told you in our previous communication point, we want Raid Heroes to become progressively a social adventure,that's why the implementation of this friend-list systrem is particularly important to us.

Overall, the feature works but still requires some internal testing and adjustments before making a public update.

  • A new environment

In 2D art we're currently focused on the enemies of the next biome.We will return with details in the next "Beyond the future" point which should be posted in the week.
Here is a video made by Laura, our 2D artist, to tease what you will find:

In 3D, arenas of the next biome are progressing pretty well. 3D artists have done most of the level art and are now looking at the details that will differentiate arenas visually.  

  • More coop

In game design, in addition to the new raids we are preparing, we plan toinsert QTE (Quick Time Event) to add dynamism and challenge to the game by testing your reflexes.  

Our GD are therefore moving forward on this site, which in addition to enriching the already existing content will strengthen the cooperation between all of you (and that's good, since you'll soon be able to play with friends without going through Discord 😉).

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