Beyond the future #1 - Let's have a game with more content

Raid Heroes

Beyond the future #1 - Let's have a game with more content

This month was marked by a small disappointment expressed by our community, that expressed its desire to have more content in Raid Heroes to play longer.

Even if w're still at the stage of open alpha, we share your desires more than anyone, and here are some elements of response following your remarks.

Why such few content for the last 2 months?

Without going into details, in addition to their planned tasks they already had, our progs have recently focused on the implementation of an attribution system,which consists of basically identifying where a player comes from, to help the marketing team to clarify their work.
It may seem like a low priority, but in our will of acquiring new players and monetizing Raid Heroes, this addition was necessary as a small team that wants to develop and edit its own mobile game.

As we have said before,our current main goal is to measure the attractiveness of the game, and therefore its retention. For this, we must put in place strategies and tools that are not necessarily visible to you but which help us a lot in the development of Raid Heroes.
We also encounter some bugs about the server and continuously test the game, which sometimes can also delay our work. Let's recall, Raid Heroes is an ambitious project and we're a small team that learns and adapts gradually: we can't do miracles and promise you the moon for tomorrow.

Be aware that we are focusing more than ever on creating more content,both in terms of art and game design, to move from alpha to the beta stage in July.

Still working on improving the coregameplay

As we told you in our first point, in art we are gradually working on new biomes with its arenas, to provide you with a wider scope for progression than currently.

In the first"Beyond the future"" point we published here, we showed you the concepts of the future enemies present in the deadly sands.
Since then, a lot of work has been done in 2D concept as well as in 3D,and in addition to new enemies, we have advanced on arenas.

As announced, our 3D artists are working on the arenas of this new biome called"deadly sands”.

Here are the first works - unfinished - of these new arenas that you will see in Raid Heroes soon.
Our goal here is to have a desert that looks like an old sea that has been drained. This involves creating corals, reefs and other elements that will remind the marine world.

Our desire is really to discover a new environment to the player, different from the voodoo forest in which you have your habits.
This new biome is more threatening and dangerous than the first you discover when you arrive in Raid Heroes.

But adding content obviously does not stop there!

In Game Design, the balancing of new enemies is emerging: beyond the enemies corresponding to the new announced biome, our GD have designated new concepts of enemies.

  • The Bomber,, an enemy who would send bombs from distance to separate players
  • The Hunter, who would shoot arrows at a distance and could summon a bird as a companion.
  • The Bird, in question, independent and that would weaken its prey
  • The Protector,who would protect his allies with a magic shield
  • The blobs and fat blobs,would explode in dying  

These new enemy concepts are fully integrated in our desire to offer the player more content. They will allow toenrich the coregameplay,both in the first biome (the voodoo forest) than in the second (the "deadly sands) that you've just seen above.

As you can see, we are moving more and more towards content creation,both in art and game design, to offer you an ever stronger gaming experience.

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