Devpost #2 - All our news

Raid Heroes

Devpost #2 - All our news

What have we done those last two weeks?

  • We stressed our server

Partly thanks to you, over the past few weeks we have been able to identify a problem of server load that is causing a certain instability (impossible to connect, error on obtaining chests, etc.).

At this point of the development, the game is not yet optimized to receive a large number of players simultaneously. That's why it definitely was time to look into it to consider the rest more serenely.

So we set up a test session (that we could call a stress test on a lower scale) allowing us to reproduce the issues we had, in order to have the material to take a deeper look at them and move on towards a better optimization.

Thanks to all the Discord Raiders for helping us in this test!

  • We're working on the UI of the game

We're also working on Raid Heroes' UI.. The expected changes in the core gameplay will inevitably impact the interface through which you play.
Voici où nous en sommes. Nous voulons mettre en place un ciblage différent permettant de cibler aussi bien les ennemis que les alliés (attention spoiler !).

We will make a more detailed point about the changes we want to make for the Raid Heroes 'UI in a later post ;) .

  • We're doing some research on the spells effects and we're creating animations  

Raid Heroes 3D animators are in the process of reviewing the FXs and spells animations that we want to set up.

  • We develop new sets of equipment

Who says new arenas says new enemies and especially new sets of equipment that you will be able to unlock.

Here are the concepts of the epic sets for our heroes roaming the desert lands of the deadly sands on which our artists are working.

  • The enemies are becoming real

Finally, in 3D we're starting the modeling of the enemies you saw in concept art in the previous posts!

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