Beyond the future #2 - many updates

Raid Heroes

Beyond the future #2 - many updates

This month has been marked by more updates than usual, as well as a players' account reset. 

Some new stuff in Raid Heroes though, here are the main ones. 

Friends system

A strong and symbolic change for us on Raid Heroes for this past month is undeniably the friends system..
Although it is not in its final form, it shows our intention which is more than ever to make Raid Heroes a social game,where coop is at the center of the gameplay. 

Many updates 

You must have noticed that this month, Raid Heroes had a lot of updates.
First, content updates: the arenas of the voodoo forest have been changed by more varied and detailed versions, the opportunity for us to give the graphic universe of the game a better DA to provide the game a quality even better than what we had before. 

Always wanting to improve what we already had, new stats has been add to the equipments,, like critical hit and critical damage. Critical chance allows you to increase your critical strike chance, and critical damage increases damage on a critical hit.

We truely want to create challenge for our players,that can provoke strategy in the composition of their build (equipments + spells).

Specifically, we want to add stats that will allow to multiply the strategies. The addition of the critical hit is for example already a first step because it adds two option to do damage: full power, full critical or make a hybrid of the two. 

The idea is that we would like to add statistics to allow players to understand the challenges in a different way but based on a strategic choice.

Beyond these statistics added, some corrections has been made on the game,the preparation phase has been reworked and the balancing has been revised to include new systems and equipment statistics.

We tried ou best to stabilize the servers by correcting all the bug players were regularly encounter. 

All of these fixes, which were mainly aimed at improving existing features, allowed us to launch acquisition campaigns to get more players to test Raid Heroes. 

Next steps

Our progs are currently working on implementing new spells to provide you more content and various game possibilities.

A few examples

  • For the wizard, spells like Teleport or Devil Deal. The first - as its name suggests - teleports the player to his target's position, the second allows to sacrifice a certain percentage of the player's life to increase the damage of the next spell you will use. 
  • For the knight, Mass grip, which makes an area appear on the ground. All the enemies inside this zone are pulled towards its center and take root for a few seconds.
  • For the Cook, Coming through !, Makes you run towards the target area / ally. You leave a trail behind you that heals all nearby allies and deals damage to enemies.

We are also working on the FX so that these spells have a visual sign that accompany them and to make the fighting clearer. 

Beyond the content, we are also progressively advancingto a monetize system, as we already announced earlier in the development of the game.

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