Dev Post #3 - Some news

Raid Heroes

Dev Post #3 - Some news

Raid Heroes

what have we worked on in the last few weeks?

  • Still on the spells project

As we told you in our article Beyond the Future #2, our programmers are working on the implementation of new spells to provide you with more content and more varied gameplay possibilities.

Our animators have also worked on the spells issue, to offer animations in line with the new spells that you can soon use in raid.

  • The First Time User Experience (FTUE)

With the aim of guiding the player who has just arrived in the game, it became vital for the rest of our project on Raid Heroes to have a FTUE.
So we have concentrated in recent weeks to create and optimize it,
using among other things as you can see from visual signs to help players better understand Raid Heroes from the first approach, which could also help to hang them a little bit more. 

  • The metagame

    The metagame interface has been reworked : The top bar has been modified to display the keys. The job rank is now better displayed. it's possible to change jobs by clicking on the job icon anywhere in the game
    The context menu of the chests has been reworked to display the odds of rarity. 
    Resources are now all merged into the craft tab

In addition, we expect that equipment sets all exist in each rarity category. Each equipment of the same set can be improved thanks to shards.

  • Implementation of the new biome 

We are also adding new raids with the new biome (deadly sands) with 4 modes : Farm, standard, Elite & Boss.
with this new environment, we're working on increase the global level which will go from 10 to 20.

  • Monetization 

We continued to work on the shop,, which will be available soon and where you can buy, for example, chests.

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