A LEGENDARY update is available!

Raid Heroes

A LEGENDARY update is available!

Raiders, a legendary update of Raid Heroes is available on your store! Everything we show you on the devblog for a few months is finally available!
You will find in this update: 


  • All equipment sets now exist in every rarity
  • All equipments in the same set can be upgraded using shards (every pieces as well as all rarities)
  • Equipments with the highest rarities are earned at the highest ranks (symbolized by "★")

Additions and improvements on the raid side

  • New raids have been added to give you a richer game experience 
  • As promised, a second world, the haunted sands, has been added and also contains a legendary raid for twice as much challenge!
  • For each world, there are now 4 counters: Standard, Magic, Elite and Boss
  • Preparation's potions have been reworked
    • The health potion now heals you for x% of your maximum health.
    • The mana potion gives you x% of your maximum mana.
    • Shield potion gives each ally (including yourself) a shield that can take up x% of the hero's maximum health damage before breaking.
    • The power potion gives each ally (including yourself) a power bonus of x% of his initial power.
    • The Resistance potion gives armor buff to each ally (including yourself) corresponding to x% of its original armor. 
  • A QTE system has been implemented to add more variety to the coregameplay. This system currently only applies to the following spells: Teleport, Ice Block, Life Drain, Explosive Shield, Lava Bomb, Molecular Healing, Shield, Pepper Party, Vacuum, Intimidating Whirlwind, and Land of Resistance.
  • A new taunt system is available 
  • The camera’s behaviour has been changed for more readability and easier handling 

Levels and progression  

  • The maximum overall level has been increased from 10 to 20 to allow you bigger and greater progress 
  • Progress to unlock raids has also been changed
  •  Job XP is now earned in raids (just like the global xp) and no longer after level up a spell. Upgrading a spell doesn’t make you progress anymore and is only useful to transform your character into a more powerful one.
  • When a job level is earned, a pop up will appear indicating the new spell(s) acquired
  • When a spell is unlocked, a pellet displays it in the interface


  • The spells have been completely reworked. There are now 10 new spells per job. They provide a whole new way of playing with a deeper strategy
  • New visual effects (VFX) have also been added to give them a good looking appearance


  • New resources have been added to the game.
  • The resources have been merged so that they are no longer associated with the job. In other words, no matter what job you play, you earn the same resources to improve your different equipment. This allows you among other things a job change much easier.


  • Keys are now required to enter into any raid
  • Their behavior remains the same, they are consumed only if the raid has succeeded. 
  • Raids now require different amounts of keys depending on their type


  • A wooden chest has been added
  • The distribution of the chests is now done according to the counters
    • Standard: wood
    • Magic: silver
    • Elite: gold 
    • Boss: epic


  • The main menu interface has been reworked
  • The top bar has been changed to display the keys. The rank of the job is now better displayed. You can change you job by clicking on the job icon from anywhere in the game
  • The context menu of the chests has been reworked to show the odds of rarity. Sets are now displayed by shards instead of the set sprite. 
  • Resources are now all merged into the craft panel. The medals are displayed separately.
  • The UI / UX raid has been reorganized and is now visually cooler. It also provides more information, can target enemies and allies, etc.


  • A REAL tutorial has been added to the game.

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