A new update is available!

Raid Heroes

A new update is available!

This is the surprise of this month of October, a brand new update of Raid Heroes. What's new? The answer is here:

  • Daily raid. These raids renew every day and cycle over 7 days. Fights are infinite wave of combat until players fail, after that they can claim their reward per step once a day (unlimited tries, one time rewards per day, solo and group)
  • Local notifications (for key refilled, free chest available, daily offers and raid renewed)
  • Daily offers in shop (renew every day)
  • Pellet notification for the shop (to show that free chest is available, daily offers renewed)
  • Shop visual improvement
  • Tips on loading screens (in order to teach mechanics to players during their loading time)
  • Daily login rewards (linked to connexion and not calendar days)

  • Discord button reward (visible in the home screen, grants crystals to the player once clicked. One time reward). 

  • Welcome login rewards, work the same as daily, but provide way better rewards. Only works for the first 7 connection days of players, and then disappears

  • Added wave system to raids, used mostly in daily raids but also in elite raids

  • World map rework (visually, so it become more understandable)

  • Equipment screen usability (add the ability to change equipment from the current equipped slots)

  • Rework global progression to make it easier to understand for player, and more linear and logical

  • Rework equipment statistics and add new ones

  • Rework global equipment progression. Still 5 stars rank but each rank is 10 level now. (They were 1, 20, 50, 90, 140, 200, they are now 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50). This simplifies the system, less upgrades with higher costs but the same overall cost as before (require the same amount of resources to reach 50 that it was required to reach 200). This will also make upgrades more meaningful, while fixing the negative upgrades values.

  • Graphic and flow update for character creation in FTUE

  • Graphic update for a lot of metagame interfaces

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