Raid Heroes

In Raid Heroes Change your job anytime you want! One day a Tank, the other a DPS? No need to worry, the game makes the difference between your character level and your general level.


TANK jobs are very resistants and can capture all the attention when they fight


The Knight

"I only have faith in my sword"

Collect : monster's part

Fight : With its mighty shield, the knight can take strong blow from one enemy at the time. He mainly deals physical damages.


DPS jobs (damage per second) are specialized in dealing heavy damage to enemies.

The Witch

"The world is its own magic"

Collect : liquids

Fight : The witch can cast spells dealing magic damage to one or several enemies.




Healers can cure and buff team members during combats !

The Chef

"Wanna add spice to your life ?"

Collect : Food

Fight : Heal and buff allies.

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